DQ Radiators (DQ)

Below is a selection of DQ Radiators products we have on display in our showroom. For more information and prices call 01663 749027 To see the full DQ Radiator range click here, and to see an excel spreadsheet with our prices on (with massive savings) click here. If you have any questions, queries or would like to order then call today.

  • DQ Heating RT

    DQs best selling Vertical radiator by some way - the RT is a Designer Heavyweight!! It has a T-section shape which gives the RT it's massive Heating ability while it's clean lines show the aesthetically pleasing element of our Flagship Radiator.

  • DQ Heating MKD

    With it's interesting profile shape sections the MKD has been an outstanding performer and is available in both single and double versions for a higher output.

  • DQ Heating Modus

    The Modus Range from DQ Heating incorporates timeless "Old School" styling with the convenience of having a lighter weight steel constructed radiator. The Modus is available in a number of column widths with the choice of Wall Brackets, Floor Brackets or Welded Feet.

  • DQ Heating Entropy

    In the digital age, geometry loses stiffness and deforms into fluid curves and sinuous shapes that interweave and criss-cross space - tracing patterns in various combinations. See more from the DQ Art range.

  • DQ Heating BPV

    Similar to the MPV Range but with double sided panels, with the BPV radiator DQ Heating have found another winner. A massive output can be achieved from the double panels which can also be made Vertical or Horizontal. Available in White, RAL colours & Special Finishes.

  • DQ Heating MKV25

    DQ Heating offer you the MKV25. The Industry standard vertical tube on tube radiator has 25mm dia tubes but built to the exact standards of the MKV16. Available in White, Chrome, RAL colours & Special Finishes - Vertical & Horizontal.

  • DQ Heating DM

    The DM radiator is a variation of the MPC fin design but with the finned panels welded to the front of the collector instead, giving a completely different look yet same great output

  • DQ Heating MPC

    The distinctive fin style of the MPC radiators stand them apart from the competition. The output is generous and that coupled with it's bold styling promotes the MPC as one of DQ heating best. The MPC is a Vertical only model finishing in White, RAL colours & Special Finishes.

  • DQ Heating Quebec

    With its unique profile tubes and subtle curve this stunning designer Italian chrome towel rail is sure to set the room alight. Now available in White.

  • DQ Heating MKC16

    DQ Heating offer you the MKC16. The subtle curve giving the MKC16 it's wave form has 16mm dia tubes and is available in White, Chrome, RAL colours & Special Finishes.

  • DQ Heating MD

    The MD Towel Rail uses half round bars front welded to give a very individual look. The same design is used in the MKD/BKD designer radiator single and double versions in our Designer Radiator section. Good heat output and finishing in White and RAL Colours, the MD is a welcome addition to our range.

  • DQ Heating MKV16

    DQ Heating offer you the MKV16. This beautiful Italian tube on tube radiator has 16mm dia tubes and is available in some heights up to 50 sections wide!! Available in White, Chrome, RAL colours & Special Finishes.

DQ Radiators

Call now on 01663 749027 for the best priced DQ Radiators

Double Quick (DQ) Heating have developed a strong reputation for developing and supplying high quality central heating, Designer Radiators and Bathroom Radiators (including towel radiators). With a range to suit all budgets, DQ heating has an expansive range including designer radiators designed by Alessandro Canepa & Karim Rashid.

DQ Heating share the ethos with A1 Radiators that a radiator isn’t simply a functional piece of heating apparatus, a radiator can be many things in a room. It can be a subtle addition, focal point or a even work of art. The diverse range of DQ heating radiators can be seen in our designer radiator showroom highlights this. In addition to what you see below, all of which can be seen any day of the week in our showroom (we only show case what you can see in the showroom), you may wish to look at their current brochure. Whilst it is impossible to hold every radiator produced by DQ heating in stock, we work very closely with them and can supply their full range.

We are the largest displayer of DQ Radiators anywhere in the UK, we encourage you to call us via the number below for the best possible DQ prices.

Call now on 01663 749027 for the best priced DQ Radiators