Art Radiators

Art Radiators can be defined as radiators which blur the line between an artistic piece and a functional heating apparatus for the home. In many ways the majority of the radiators you see on this website are pieces of art work however we have selected a few of our range (below) which fit the category of art radiators a little more closely. The pieces on this page vary wildly in their nature as art radiators, from the exciting new Herschel infrared heating panels which function as canvases for any artistic print, to the Hotech range which is a collection of stunning sculptural pieces designed by world famous designers such as Federico Guastaroba. See below for a snapshot of the art radiators currently on display at A1 Radiators.

Herschel Infrared Art Panels

Infrared heating panels naturally lend themselves to the production of art radiators. Herschel infrared heating panels are flat and canvas like and can be hung from any wall (or even ceiling due to how they work; they are unlike conventional radiators). This combined with the fact that the surface of the panel radiator does not get too hot means they lend themselves very well to having artistic prints placed upon them. Herschel themselves stock a variety of “selected prints” as they refer to them – prints which have been chosen by Herschel which you can have printed on your radiator. In addition to this you can have any of your own images printed (ie family photos or paintings you have done) or a mirror. Below are three radiators selected from the range, three more can be seen on our Herschel radiator page.

  • Herschel Inspire Infrared Mirror Heater

  • Herschel Inspire Infrared Picture Panel

  • Herschel Select XL – White Panel Heater

DQ (Double Quick) Art Radiators

DQ (Double quick) heating also have a range of art radiators designed by Karim Rashid. These vertical flat panels comprise a radiator hidden behind an art print. The range is very modern and abstract by design and as such would fit well in any modern environment. We currently display three art radiators from the DQ range in our showroom (displayed below), however we retail the entire range. Please call us on 01663 749027 if you are interested in anything from the range.

  • DQ Entropy

  • DQ Geiger

  • DQ X-ray

Glass Radiator Company Art Radiators

The glass radiator company has taken radiator art a little further using their range. Similar to the DQ range above, the radiators are comprised of an art print which sits in front of a radiator. If you hadn’t already guessed, the glass radiator company prints their art upon a glass sheet. Printing art on glass gives it a very special finish which you simply do not get from any other material. The art range produced by the glass radiator company is very expansive; their latest brochure can be seen online here. On top of the “out of the box” art work options the glass radiator company will print any image you like on the radiator, providing it is of high enough resolution (low res images tend to result in pixilation). They also have a function on their website where you can search stock photo websites for photographs/art work you like on your radiator. In short, they will take any image you like and turn it in to a fantastic glass radiator for your home.

Below are just a couple of examples from the range; a version of the design on the left can be seen in our designer radiator showroom.

  • Abstract squares by Peter Welton

  • Yellow Taxi Print

  • Reflections by Peter Welton

Hotech Design

Hotech Design is the more luxury and exclusive branch of the Aestus designer radiator range. These are artistic radiators unlike any others which really do need to be seen to be believed. Taking radiator design to a completely new level, the Hotech range is a set of sculptural masterpieces. Bespoke in their design, these art radiators are designed by leading designers to be fantastic focal points in any modern space.

Below is simply a few of our favourites, have a look at the full Hotech Design Range by clicking here and then give us a call (01663 749027) if you see anything that is of interest to you.

  • Hotech Bernini g@ut

    Designer Arch. Luca Bolognese

  • Hotech Eileen

    Designer Monica Pilenghi

  • Hotech Depero

    Designer Federico Guastaroba

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