Designer Radiators

Below are simply a selection of the designer radiator brands we have on display in our showroom. For more information and prices call 01663 749027

The purpose of the growing designer radiator industry is to offer you yet more choice when it comes to sculpting the interior of your home, a radiator can now be a focal point of the room (such as the Aeon Speira – a stunning showcase of a radiator with blue lights which gently bounce off its spiralled design) rather than an ugly white panel which you attempt to hide in the corner of your room. There are thousands of designer radiators which are designed to fit every interior, every design and every budget.

Designer Radiators

Radiators need not simply be functional heating apparatus, with designer radiators they are much, much more than that. Nowadays radiators come in every shape, size, colour and design you can imagine (and probably a few more on top of that).

Here at A1 Radiators we try to display as large a range in our showroom as we feasibly can with the hope we can suit any need. We have also made a point of the fact that we only display on the website what can be found in our showroom (there are a handful of exceptions to this – however they are marked on the website). This means if you see a radiator mentioned on this website then you are free to come and see it any day of the week in our showroom. As we have the largest showroom in the country you won’t find any other supplier who can offer a comparible service.

It should be mentioned now that simply because we only showcase a limited number (about 150, so still plenty of radiators to browse through!) does not mean we only sell a limited number. As the largest displayer of designer radiators anywhere in the UK, we work very closely with all of the designer radiator suppliers which means even if you don’t see something on the website we will be able to access it for you.

Currently we only sell designer radiators from our showroom (based near Manchester – it is easily accessed by car and has good public transport connections) or over the phone (01663 748027)/via email. Whilst we do plan on selling over the internet in the future, currently we prefer to discuss your requirements personally and we feel that a faceless online store does not really allow us to do this. We much prefer to have a chat. Selling via our showroom also allows us to offer you the most competitive prices. We do our best to beat any genuine quote so please do get in touch before electing to purchase from any other retailer, either via email or over the phone at 01663 749027.

If you hover over ‘Designer Radiators’ at the top of this page you will find a list of the main suppliers we work with, along with a showcase of all of their radiators which are currently on display in our designer radiator showroom. Take the time to hover over ‘Radiator Styles’ and you will find a similar display – however this time rather than grouping by manufacturer we have grouped by style in an attempt to help you find what you are looking for. We appreciate that people may have more of an idea of the style of radiator they are looking for, rather than knowing the manufacturer.

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