Designer Radiator Styles

Below are simply a selection of the types of designer radiators we have on display in our designer radiator showroom. For more information and prices call 01663 749027

  • Art Radiators

    Click above to see our extensive range of art radiators from manufacturers such as the Glass Radiator Company, Redwell, Hotech and others.

  • Cast Iron Radiators

    Click above to see our range of traditional cast iron radiators; perfect for that vintage feel.

  • Contemporary Radiators

    We have an extensive range of contemporary radiators, click above to see just a handful of our favourites. For more look at Aeon, Apollo and Aestus.

  • Electric Radiators

    Many radiators are available in electric forms too, allowing you to independantly control your heating in between rooms. Click above to see some of our range

  • Infrared Radiators

    We firmly believe infrared heating is the future of heating in the home. Click above to learn more about it, and how it can lower your energy bills.

  • Marble Radiators

    Marble radiators tend represent the more energy efficient "wet" radiator systems (radiators attached to your central heating system), click above to see some of our range.

  • Stainless Steel Radiators

    Stainless steel is a fantastic, sleek and stylish material for the creation of contemporary looking radiators. See above for some of our favourite stainless steel radiators.

  • Towel Radiators

    Towel radiators are functional additions to both kitchens and bathrooms, click the image above to see some of our favourites from our extensive range.

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