Sphere Designer Radiator

The sphere is a fantastically versatile stainless steel radiator which comes with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee as standard. The finish is brushed stainless steel along the bars, with a polished top to them giving a very stylish modern look to the radiator. Available in a number of sizes and types, this radiator can be anything from a bold statement in a room to a subtle but stylish addition.

   Sphere designer radiator Sphere designer radiator

The Sphere is available as a tall vertical radiator and a horizontal radiator which comes in both single and double tube versions for versatile heat output. In addition to this there is a towel rail version adding yet more versatility to the range. One of the reasons this radiator is so popular is the fact that there is a model suitable for any space, and it carries extremely high heat output particularly with the larger models. The heat output varies between  about 1250 BTU (366 watts) for a small horizontal single model and 8700 BTU (2550 watts) for the largest double horizontal model.

As with most of the radiators you see on this website, the Sphere can be seen in our designer radiator showroom (click here for directions), both the brushed and polished versions are available for viewing.

Sphere designer radiator

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