Aeon Supra Stainless steel radiator

The Aeon Supra is an extremely popular stainless steel designer radiator from the Aeon range with many satisfied customers purchasing from us as we are Aeons showcase showroom (we are the largest Aeon showroom in the UK). It is also a personal favourite radiator here at A1 Radiators due to its sleek stylish design. The Supra has been manufactured in stainless steel to Aeons high standards which means it comes as standard with a 20 year manufacturers guarantee.

Supra radiator

The Aeon Supra is available in both Brushed and Polished stainless steel and able to be mounted both vertically and horizontally, the Supra is a marvellous radiator with curved edges giving it an extremely sleek modern feel. Available in 32 different sizes this radiator has a fantastic range of heat outputs: from 950 to nearly 11,000 BTU (280-3220 watts). To give you an idea of what that means, the 11,000 BTU (3220 watt) unit is a very powerful radiator which would be able to independently heat a lounge which is 20x15x8ft (typically a fairly large lounge).

As with most of the radiators you see on this website, the Aeon Supra can be seen in our designer radiator showroom (click here for directions), both the brushed and polished versions are available for viewing.

Aeon Supra Radiator

Below is the price list from Aeon (all prices listed are exclusive of VAT and carriage) to give you an indication of the cost of the Supra, . E/H/D refer to electric, hot water (ie central heating) and duel fuel respectively.Give us a call on 01663 749027 or drop by our designer radiator showroom where we have the largest display of Aeon Designer Radiators in the UK and as such can offer great discounts which would be hard to match elsewhere.

When viewing the list below you will see some of the Aeon Supra prices are in red whilst others are in black. A black price indicates the item is immediately available for delivery within 2 working days, a red price indicates a 6-8 week delivery wait.

Please note the prices below are only the ex-vat suggested retail price and should be treated as a guide only, please call us for the best prices.

Aeon Supra Prices

Call us on 01663 749027 if you would like to discuss the Aeon Supra Radiator with us.