Aeon Twister Stainless steel radiator

The Aeon twister stainless steel radiator is our best selling radiator from the Aeon range of designer radiators. We are the largest displayer of Aeon anywhere in the UK (which you can see seven days a week in our showroom based in South Manchester – click here for directions) and Aeon represent our top selling brand. The twister is a beautiful fusion between brushed and polished stainless steel, with three full twists showing the two contrasting surfaces.

Twister radiatorTwister radiator

Available in ‘wet’ (ie linked up to your central heating like a ‘standard’ radiator), electric and duel fuel – a fusion of electric and wet systems, the Aeon twister is a flexible radiator. The advantages of electric and duel fuel are discussed in more detail on our electric radiators page; however to cover them briefly, the use of electric radiators allows you to run your radiators independently. If you only wish to heat one room at a time it isn’t very cost effective to do it via your central heating; electric and duel fuel radiators essentially allow the compartmentalisation and separation of heating in the home, allowing you greater control over which rooms you heat.

The Aeon Twister radiator is available in three different sizes, with BTU’s from 2000 (586 watt) to just under 4800 (1400 watt). Flexible in its design, this radiator is a fantastic focal point for a lounge, bathroom, hallway or kitchen. Able to be mounted both horizontally and vertically, this is a great option for those who want to introduce a little style and sophistication in to any space.

Below is the price list from Aeon (all prices listed are exclusive of both VAT and carriage) to give you an indication of the cost of the Twister. E/H/D refer to electric, hot water (ie central heating) and duel fuel respectively.Give us a call on 01663 749027 or drop by our designer radiator showroom where we have the largest display of Aeon Designer Radiators in the UK and as such can offer great discounts whih would be hard to match elsewhere.

Please note the prices below are only the suggested retail price (excluding VAT) and as such should be treated as a guide, call us now for your best Aeon prices.

             Aeon Twister Prices

Call us on 01663 749027 if you would like to discuss the Aeon Twister Radiator with us.