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As an alternative to conventional radiators we are offering Herschel infrared heaters. These heaters require no plumbing so they can be mounted on the ceiling and with the right controllers they can be controlled independently and with the use of a smart phone.
Infrared heating has several advantages compared to traditional heating methods. First, it is more energy-efficient since it directly heats objects and people, rather than the surrounding air. This leads to faster and more efficient heating, as well as lower energy costs. Second, infrared heating is a healthier option, as it doesn't circulate dust or allergens in the air. Third, it provides a more comfortable and natural heat, as it mimics the warmth of the sun. Fourth, infrared heaters have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance. Finally, infrared heaters are versatile and can be used for various applications, including indoor and outdoor heating, industrial processes, and healthcare.

Visit our showroom to see Herschel infrared panels on display and fully working and indeed actually used to heat our showroom. We have the Smart Life app in use to demonstrate the features. (Please phone the showroom to make an appointment. (01663 749027)
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